Stash Gift Guide: Accessories

We're continuing the celebration of handmade goods by showcasing our accessory makers!

And as we find ourselves deep in the trenches of the season of excess and mass-production, we'd like to take a minute to recognize these little guys. By supporting them (and heck, us, too!), you're putting your money right back into the American economy, encouraging a culture of creativity, and offering meaningful gifts that each come with their own special story: the story of the people behind the product. 

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Meet the Makers: Black Owl Outdoors

Beyond the racks and stacks of vintage that we offer at Stash, we're also known for having a selection of handmade goods and ever-changing artwork. These works all come from special individuals, many of whom are part of the Central Pennsylvania community. In this ongoing series, we'd like to introduce you to some of the friendly faces behind the products you know and love.

Today we introduce you to Black Owl Outdoors. The brothers Beaston -- Tony "Stony" and Erik "Krik" -- are the brains behind the outdoor lifestyle brand known for its nature-related online tutorials and video product reviews, everything from How to Make Reverse Wrap Natural Cordage to Scavenging for Wild Onions and much, much more. But when the brothers aren't hiking through the forest or taking breathtaking photos of the wildlife all around us, Krik creates the one-of-a-kind leather works that you know and love at Stash. 

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