Stash Gift Guide: Accessories

We're continuing the celebration of handmade goods by showcasing our accessory makers!

As we find ourselves deep in the trenches of the season of excess and mass-production, we'd like to take a minute to recognize these little guys. By supporting them (and heck, us, too!), you're putting your money right back into the American economy, encouraging a culture of creativity, and offering meaningful gifts that each come with their own special story: the story of the people behind the product. 

Amanda Leilani

Harrisburg, PA

electroformed copper and raw crystal jewelry


WHO SHE IS: "I'm an independent artist based on the East Coast with a passion for metalworking and earth's natural elements. I grew up collecting crystals and minerals, learning about their unique properties, and always picking out stones which I thought would make beautiful jewelry someday.

As I began learning about different metalworking techniques, I fell in love with the electroforming process. Electroforming is simply taking a metal deposit (in this case copper) and transferring it onto a conductive surface. This method of metalworking allows me to create beautiful pieces that highlight the natural qualities of each individual stone, keeping true to an entirely organic look and feel. Allowing the copper to form around the natural curvature of each gemstone makes each piece completely one of a kind. I am simply taking my love for beautiful earthly objects and turning it into wearable art." -- Amanda Leilani

WHY WE LOVE HER: Amanda's work is so darn dreamy. Sometimes when it's slow in the shop, we sit there trying on each and every ring she's brought in. We want to buy them all for ourselves, but we don't because a) we're not made of money and b) we want to share them with all of you. Each piece is unique could be styled a million ways, so we will stay forever impressed with these gorgeous rings and necklaces.

Black Owl Supply

Enola, PA

handmade leather goods

WHO THEY ARE: "Black Owl Supply is the retail wing of Black Owl Outdoors, LLC.  In case you aren't familiar with who we are, we are two brothers, Krik and Stony, and we love the outdoors!  We started this path we call Black Owl Outdoors with a simple YouTube channel.  We wanted to shoot beautiful videos in beautiful natural settings.

After doing the channel for three or so years, and with constant requests, we decided it was time to start selling gear.  We figure the more gear we sell the more time we can spend in the forests producing videos during the day and fulfilling orders at night!" -- Black Owl Supply

WHY WE LOVE THEM: The Beaston brothers are two rad dudes, and it's always nice when they visit the shop. Erik makes all the leather accessories, and we just love the way his brain works. His pieces carry a minimalistic, utilitarian vibe where function is key and form just happens to follow along nicely because of the quality of leather he uses and his strong sense of aesthetic. He's always working on something new -- we even have a dog leash of his in the shop right now! -- and we can't to see what he thinks up next.


Collin Garrity

St. Louis, MO

handcrafted wooden rings


WHO HE IS: "Collin Garrity is a contract woodworker who makes custom pieces and supplies companies, stores, and designers with high-quality designs, merchandise, and materials. He uses domestic and exotic hardwoods as well as select reclaimed wood- all of which come together to create a fluent collection of structurally sound products that are full of one-of-a-kind character." -- Collin Garrity

WHY WE LOVE HIM: Collin once posted on Instagram that the inside of the bracelets he makes become napkin rings and then the inside of the napkin rings become these wearable rings. Creative reuse at its very finest! The rings come in all different organic shapes, from basic bands to ones that look like they could gouge an eye out if you ever get into a sticky situation in a back alley. And at only $10 each, it's kind of a no-brainer.


Fennec Design Co.

Harrisburg, PA

handmade jewelry + screen-printed goods

WHO THEY ARE: "Fennec Design is the shop of Joëlle Workman and Justin Arawjo, partners in life and craft, who collaborate in the design, printing, and construction of all featured pieces. Specializing in quality screen printed apparel and accessories hand pulled with eco-friendly, non-toxic inks, featuring all original artwork. As well as fine art prints and a wide selection of jewelry (necklaces, rings, and earrings). All of Fennec's work plays on themes of color, geometry, symmetry, and nature." -- Fennec Design

WHY WE LOVE THEM: Joëlle and Justin are a powerhouse of creativity, always crafting something new and eye-catching. We recently came to the realization that we rarely even make eye contact with the couple when we walk into their Millworks studio, and we promise we're not trying to be rude. There are just always so many beautiful treasures to look at! Plus Joëlle's jewelry is so versatile: dress it up, dress it down, or heck, even wear it with your pajamas if that's what you're into. We'd support you in any Fennec-related endeavor, really.


Le Faye

Harrisburg, PA

handmade zipped bags

le faye.jpg

WHO SHE IS: Le Faye is a side project by our friend Morgan Horton. Morgan, a long-time Harrisburg resident, creates these multi-use zipped pouches in fun fabrics and with quality design, making them perfect for just about whatever you have to carry.

WHY WE LOVE HER: We love how versatile these bags are! Carry one as a clutch to jazz up your little black dress on a night out. Throw some diapers and wipes in one of the bigger ones so you don't have to carry your whole entire diaper bag with you for that quick trip to the grocery store. Give one to your daughter so she can keep her Legos in one place, thus, saving your feet from the severe damage caused by constantly stepping on those stupid plastic blocks. Whatever the use, Le Faye bags have got you covered -- and will keep you looking super chic all the while.



Harrisburg, PA

handwoven accessories


WHO SHE IS: "The Fiberrarium is a yarn and fiber collection featuring sustainably sourced hand painted yarn and woven accessories." -- Fiberrarium

WHY WE LOVE HER: First of all Jenna Carls is a gosh darn SWEETHEART, and we love seeing her one-of-a-kind yarns and how she uses them. Sure, all handwoven beanies are great, but if there's one qualm we could say we have with most of them on the market, it's that they don't have the lady symbol on them. She went ahead and solved that problem for us. Jenna is based right here in Harrisburg, and it's always fun to stop into her studio to see what she's up to.



Boiling Springs, PA

handcrafted botanical metalwork

WHO SHE IS: "Richelle Dourte is a certified naturalist with a background in environmental science. She is largely self-taught in metalworking and draws inspiration from nature. Richelle creates metalledwith jewelry, which incorporates organic elements into handcrafted metalwork. The ideas are original, wearable art made in and from Pennsylvania. When choosing materials, preference is given to those that are organic, native botanical species and recycled.

Richelle is a chapter-juried member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. She currently serves as the Treasurer of the Yellow Breeches Chapter of the PA Guild of Craftsmen and on the Board of Directors of the PA Guild of Craftsmen. She is also a member of the Carlisle Arts Learning Center, the Cumberland Valley Historical Society, Carlisle Young Professionals, the Perry County Council of the Arts, the Boiling Springs Civic Association and a business member and advocate for the Manada Conservancy. In her off-time, Richelle enjoys walks in the woods, homesteading and fixing up her old house with her designer husband." -- Metalledwith

WHY WE LOVE HER:  We've been carrying Richelle's work for a few years now, and we're always struck by the beauty and sincerity of each piece. She goes out into the woods at just the right time to harvest perfect little leaves and plants in their beginning stages of growth to incorporates into her jewelry. It's been an extra perk that our customers often connect with the specific plants she uses; we've heard stories about childhood homes with maple trees and mothers who obsessively cared for their ferns. This level of personalization is exactly what small business is all about!


Tree Fox

Harrisburg, PA

handcrafted wooden earrings

WHO HE IS: Tree Fox is a relatively new line by local woodworker Juan Acevedo.  His medium is mainly exotic woods that showcase a sharp contrast in color. By using a "book match" method that he executes by hand, the sharp contrast is mirrored between the earrings. The finish on the wood is a food safe water based finish that can range from satin to a high gloss.

WHY WE LOVE HIM: Juan happened to be shopping in Stash with his girlfriend recently when he and Anela struck up a conversation about wooden jewelry. He had started dabbling in small-batch jewelry making, and when he showed us his work, we fell in love. Each piece is unique, and the geometric shapes give them a cool, modern feel. Plus we love people like Juan who have an idea and aren't afraid to jump right in and execute it!


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