WORN: Around-The-House Looks

Meet Hana, our shop girl, model, and all-around cool ladyfriend who we so lovingly refer to as "The Intern." Hana's got kick-ass style and the ability to mix and match like no other, so it should come as no surprise that we begged her to share some of her style secrets with the rest of us. In this series, Worn, Hana explores many facets of personal style. 

Disclosure: Versatility is one of the things I value most in my closet apart from straight-up good pieces. The ability to mix and match with ease gives me a lot of much needed room for creativity. While this might make it seem like my closet is positively bursting, I do think I manage to keep things qualitative over quantitive. 

Some of my few and favorite looks can be attributed to the vintage pieces I have accumulated through time spent at Stash Collective. Needless to say, these staples are now over fifty percent of my wardrobe.

I came upon vintage when I was at the peak of some serious mainstream retail frustration and aggression. I typically don't revisit the halls of the mall because the shopping experience is pretty disappointing, exhausting, and over-stimulating. So when I am working, or browsing the vintage at my favorite collective (yes, that's right), and I overhear the devastating phrase,  "I love this but I don't know how to wear it," I die a little inside. 

I thought maybe I could demonstrate how to incorporate vintage in your day-to-day wear, whether that means it is interspersed with your modern pieces or an entirely vintage ensemble. Whatever the case, I hope this inspires you find the vintage look that is right for you. 

For starters, when in doubt TRY THINGS ON. Consider this your contribution to a fairly timeless closet, which will only be so if you manage to accumulate some timeless pieces. I don't want to have to wrestle any clothes from your dying clutches, just the degree prior. Plus it's just dress up after all.

Speaking of dress up, we started by photographing some leisurely around the house vintage pairings. 


Denim on Denim

When I'm wandering around on my day off, or perhaps "potentially" going to run errands, or my plans are no plans, I choose denim. The suede boots are a nice bohemian twist. Throw in you favorite hoodie and some large vintage earrings, and you're good to go -- or not go anywhere. Even better: if you're feeling adventurous, go denim-on-denim, because what's good enough for the Italians is good enough for me (Italians are the biggest culprits of denim-on-denim).


A Muumuu

This works so well for just being at home all day and watering the plants, reading, or writing. This is what a muumuu is for in case you were wondering. However, I would wear this out in a heartbeat. Put a denim jacket over it, choose a favorite pair of heals, divert back to those statement earrings and go. It's beautiful, simple, comfortable, and I repeat, versatile. Oh my goodness, just now thinking of it. Utilize some bangles, find a good head wrap, add some lipstick, and you've really got something.


For the Sake of Cutoffs

Denim cutoffs are my kryptonite. I will note that I recently bought my first pair of full-length vintage high-rise jeans, so now I can finally say I don't solely own denim shorts.

I wear them with almost everything during the summer, which I am working on switching up. Obviously, a good modern or vintage band tee is an easy way to go. However, I chose this magical vintage short sleeved men's dress shirt instead, because I love the color, and the length of the sleeve is so fresh. To make it a bit more modern and to complement the high-rise shorts, I tied the tails, but you could always tuck that baby in. If you want to revisit those suede boots that works, or I utilized some pointy toed flats. This look could go a thousand different directions if you want to leave home in it. I would add a blazer that runs longer than the shorts (not so difficult). I would add a nice wide brimmed hat and some lace up ankle boots. Then you're good to go to some neighborhood basement show or out for drinks, aka whatever you normally get into.

Okay I've got to go because I have a life. Wearing my vintage denim as I write this!

Stay tuned to see me at band practice, at shows, working my barista gig, and essentially living in my favorite vintage pieces. 

Hana The Intern