FRAMED: A Conversation with Featured Artist Elena Jasic

Elena Jasic has an eye for beauty -- often of the unconventional, strong, bold variety of it. For years, her artistic vision has manifested itself in fashion and beauty photography, yet it comes as no surprise that her landscape photography shares some of those same qualities.

And even less surprising is that she couldn't not create breathtaking images, even while she's supposed to be relaxing on vacation. The girl lives and breathes photography.

And my, do we love her for that.

Elena is a friend, an inspiration, and a creative wonderlady -- as well as this month's featured artist. 

photo by John Schell

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background as an artist.

I'm Elena Jasic, and I am now 21 for the seventh year in a row. I'm a photographer, and I would say I have been since age 13. My mom always had a camera in her hand when I was growing up, and eventually she handed it over to me. I think that's when it started to develop into a passion. 

Hurricane Ridge | Washington

Landscape photography is different than the high-fashion editorial material you’re known for. What inspired you to shoot this series? 

I had a really busy year with work where I wasn't able to do much personal work. It wasn't a good feeling. That year, at the end of my busy season, I went out to California, and it was like a breath of fresh air. Since then I've been addicted to seeing more of the country.

Big Sur | California

Where all did you travel to take these photos? Did you have a favorite spot or a favorite story behind any of the shots?

These shots were taken in California, Washington, and Colorado. One of the more surreal experiences I've had was at the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado with Dani Fresh. All of the weather was happening at once. It was sunny but also cloudy and rainy. There was thunder and lightning. We were out in the middle of the sand dunes, and behind us was a massive black cloud that, if we stood on our tippy toes, we could touch.

All of the pamphlets I read before arriving suggested to avoid the sand dunes during a storm because you're more likely to get struck by lightning. So I took that to heart and rolled down a large mountain of sand. Shortly after, Dani and I made our best dance video to date to a classic Tina Turner song. We also ate a delicious chocolate croissant, because when I eat desserts, I like to eat them with a pretty view. 

Great Sand Dunes | Colorado

How do you spend your time outside of photography? 

I like to zen out while playing a first-person shooter video game. That's really the only time I'm not thinking about photography. Even then, sometimes I look at a scene in a video game and start to admire the lighting, and it triggers a whole train of thought. 



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