Our Personal Stash: Hana's Picks

Sure, we spend a lot of our time digging up treasures for all of you to enjoy, but we also have some favorite vintage pieces of our own -- they're hung in our closets, decorating our homes, piling up on our bookshelves and mixed in amongst our record collections. And every now and then, we can't help but show them off. 

We love the style of our intern and good friend Hana Grosh, so naturally we wanted her to participate in our blog series, too! Here are some of her favorite vintage finds of the moment:

#1 Flowy Patterned Midi Dress


This dress is a bohemian dream -- it's light and a little snug in all the right places. It throws down!


#2 Brass Bangles


I love these bangles because they are so versatile. They look so good alongside all my neutrals and compliment my patterns-on-patterns bohemian days. 


#3 Brown Leather Purse


This purse belonged to my grandmother. The simple cut is both unique and minimal in a way that mainstream isn't catching onto, and I love a good warm brown, which is great across the board for outfit pairing. 


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