Our Personal Stash: Anela's Picks

Sure, the three of us spend a lot of our time digging up treasures for all of you to enjoy, but we also have some favorite vintage pieces of our own -- they're hung in our closets, decorating our homes, piling up on our bookshelves and mixed in amongst our record collections. And every now and then, we can't help but show them off. 

Here are some of Anela's current vintage obsessions:

There are a handful of vintage pieces in my bedroom that I absolutely love but just never get around to wearing. I could blame baby-wrangling, but I'm probably just getting old and lazy. Sometimes I think you people should feel lucky that I don't hang out at Stash in my sweats...

These three items are still in my wearable wardrobe. 

#1 Iguana Leather boots

The first is a pair of iguana leather boots made in Brazil in the 80s. I found them on Etsy three years ago, and I'd like to say I have an epic story about them. I do not.

What I like most about them is probably that gold Aztec lightning bolt around the shaft, but the other, smaller details are actually really spectacular in comparison. There are skinny vines of leather around the vamp that gather at the ankle via a blingy, brass buckle. I don't really like bling but this kind of bling is acceptable. The top scallop is much more subtle than regular cowboy boots and there are strips of colorful lurex woven into the vertical detail of the side seams. And yes, they are made with real iguana leather. Yum.


#2 hnadmade Ring

This piece is not vintage by my standards, but it probably is by yours! A boyfriend of mine back in Cali while in high school (I can't really call him that because we only ever made out after school, when the sun had gone down, when no one was watching. During school hours, he acted like we weren't even friends. Nice guy.) made this sterling silver turquoise ring in his jewelry class, and right before graduation, he gave it to me. I don't remember the details of the transaction, but I'm guessing he also gave it to me after school, when the sun had gone down, when no one was watching. I don't care about that now. While a little misshapen and too big for my thumb, it's still super bad ass. WINNING.

#3 Multi-colored maxi skirt

The last piece is the most amazing thing I've ever found for myself while thrifting here in Harrisburg. This is a high-waisted maxi skirt produced by Bloomingdale's, probably at the cusp of the 60s and 70s. I still freak out about the color gradient and diamond pattern. What's especially awesome is the midline lower hip area where the vertical pleating begins. Sometimes dreams really do come true at Salvation Army.


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