Stash Gift Guide: Housewares + Stationery

Sure, we're known for our curated selection of kick-ass vintage, but we also carry some one-of-a-kind, handmade products from American-based artisans. Some of them are friends, and some are family members. Some of them are people whose work we've had in our own homes and closets for years, and some are artists we've recently stumbled upon -- whether by running into them in Central Pa. or discovering them by clicking our way down an Instagram rabbit hole (come on, we've all been there). 

And as we find ourselves deep in the trenches of the season of excess and mass-production, we'd like to take a minute to recognize these little guys. By supporting them (and heck, us, too!), you're putting your money right back into the American economy, encouraging a culture of creativity, and offering meaningful gifts that each come with their own special story: the story of the people behind the product. 

This week, we're all about the artists that create our selection of stationary and housewares.

Amy Heitman

Chicago, IL

handmade greeting cards

WHO SHE IS: "Amy Heitman is an artist, illustrator, and mom of three living and working just southwest of Chicago. A former elementary art teacher, she left teaching in 2010 to venture into motherhood, and soon after launched the studio known as Amy Heitman Illustration | Paper | Design. After primarily focusing on custom design and illustration for several years, she launched her first greeting card line in January of 2015. Her work has been featured in Southern Living Magazine, Weddings in Houston Magazine, Stationery Trends Magazine, Oh So Beautiful Paper, and The Paper Chronicles. She is continuously inspired by the intricate details of creation, along with the beauty and simplicity of the everyday. Each of her designs begins as a detailed hand drawn illustration before being digitally colored and printed in the USA on the highest quality fine cardstock." --

WHY WE LOVE HER: We're forever swooning over Amy's designs. Her cards have a timeless appeal with the perfect touch of vintage-inspired class, while her sweet, simplistic (yet never boring) messages make them super versatile. Your mega-conservative grandma will appreciate one. And so will your kid's preschool teacher. Heck, give one to your favorite tattooed barista at your local coffee shop, too, while you're at it. 


Emily McDowell

Los Angeles, CA & Las Vegas, NV

handmade greeting cards

WHO THEY ARE: "A few things about us: We believe humanity is an endless source of inspiration, we think funny and pretty don't have to be mutually exclusive, and we find it creepily satisfying whenever a customer asks if we've been reading their diary, because it means we're doing something right. 

This company was founded on the success of one card that spoke to a truth about Valentine's Day in a way that wasn't yet represented in Greeting Card World, and that's what we most like to do here: identify universal, emotional truths and observations on being human, and turn them into products that speak to people. 

We officially launched our wholesale collection of greeting cards and art prints in May of 2013, and at the time, "we" was actually just Emily drawing stuff in her bedroom. Today, we're a busy team based between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and our products now include textiles, mugs, stationery, and whatever else we can figure out how to make while retaining some semblance of sanity." --

WHY WE LOVE THEM: Emily, just like, gets it, you know? Her cards carry the sentiments we're all thinking and feeling yet sometimes don't quite know how to put into words ourselves. She covers everything from empathy ("Please let me be the first to punch the next person who tells you everything happens for a reason.") to romance ("I love your stupid face.") to holiday vibes ("Tidings of comfort and joy. And cookies. Also bourbon.") and everything in between. And we love it at each and every turn. 


Andrew Sedgwick Guth

Harrisburg, PA

handmade postcards + linoleum block prints + printed onesies + printed hand towels


WHO HE IS: Andrew's visual works often seek to convey personal narratives through the use of mixed media which include: acrylics, oils, digital film stills, charcoal, graphite, photographs and other ephemera. The intent is to create a layered environment in which the viewer can project personal narrative and experience through the piecing together of visuals and text, relying on personal associations to the arrangements, color and objects to dictate the experience.
Guth's work has been shown regionally and nationally continuously since 2001. His paintings have been showcased through exhibits orchestrated in spaces located in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh (The Andy Warhol Museum), New York, Washington DC (Embassy of France), Baltimore and Harrisburg, PA. His painting and sculptures are included in numerous private collections throughout the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland and France.
Guth has owned and curated a number of galleries in the city of Harrisburg over the past decade including The Mantis Collective Gallery (with fellow artist Tara Chickey), and North Gallery. He currently exhibits work, organizes and curates 'pop-up' exhibits throughout central Pennsylvania as well as in Philadelphia.
Guth is currently a resident artist at The Millworks in Harrisburg.

WHY WE LOVE HIM: Andrew, a close friend and Harrisburg dweller, is constantly creating something new and something cool. His linoleum block prints come in bright, punchy colors. His post cards are brash and hilarious. His onesies remind us of the one thing in life we can all agree on: babies love 40oz.'s and pizza. We love the way he injects a touch of humor into all he does, and we can guarantee that his work will liven up your walls, your mailbox, and even your baby's torso. 



Los Angeles, CA

scented soy candles poured into recycled glassware (especially for Stash!)


WHO THEY ARE: "Being a concerned, candle-toting, green-advocating, and American-supporting company, we're encouraged by the many natural renewable resources made available, giving us the freedom to make smarter choices and explore alternative solutions as consumers.

Here at Purbliss we believe in the power to choose the best products for our families, our planet, and our future to come. 

Every Purbliss candle is handmade right here in the USA using only the finest soy wax ingredients and top of the line fragrances. They are all-natural which makes them some of the cleanest burning and best smelling candles available in the marketplace today." --

WHY WE LOVE THEM: Alright, not only do these candles burn super well, smell super delicious, and look super pretty, but they're also made by co-owner Anela's dad. What's up, Frank Bence?! We feel super lucky to have an insider connection, and because of that connection, Frank hunts down and fills one-of-a-kind vintage glassware for us -- and just for us! We're so happy that he shares our love for creative reuse. And though it's a sad day when your candle burns down, you can continue the recycling chain and find another great use for your unique piece of glass!


Drom Modern

Los Angeles, CA

candles with handmade wooden holders


WHO THEY ARE: Drøm - (drœm) - to dream (Danish)
"Drøm Modern was the dream of four friends. It brought together their love of design, the mid-century modern aesthetic and awesome home decor. Dresden Carvalho is the designer/maker and has a background in graphic design and a passion for architecture and furniture design. 

The lamps began as an idea for a school project. Dresden bought a jigsaw and fumbled through cutting a dozen slats and getting them to form some semblance of a light fixture. The prototype was born. Spring 2013, the first run of lamps debuted at the Patchwork Show in Long Beach. The last year and a half have been spent perfecting the design and process." --

WHY WE LOVE THEM: In case you were wondering, Anela happens to have more than one sweet candle connection, and this time it's coming at us from her pal Dresden. Dresden creates these fabulous mid-century-modern-inspired wooden candle holders, which house candles in earthy, powerful scents like oak and amber and sweet tobacco. Their design appeals to all kinds of folks: from your stylish, Instagram-famous cousin to your mom's new boyfriend to your boss who could totally use some extra zen moments at her desk throughout the day. 


Brooklyn Candle Studio

Brooklyn, New York

small-batch soy candles


WHO THEY ARE: "The small batch deliciously scented candles hand-poured by Tamara Mayne and her team out of a sunny Brooklyn studio are a nod to 19th century apothecaries and the spirit of the lovingly handcrafted. Simple and modern with a hint of vintage charm, they are designed to complement every style of home from minimalist to bohemian. 

Tamara founded Brooklyn Candle Studio as an homage to the meditative approach of the small batch process. Production is kept small and simple — candles are poured by the Brooklyn Candle Studio team in batches of 9 or 10. Each candle, from wicking to wax melting to pouring and wick-cutting, is created with the utmost care and precision. Known for their fresh, calming botanical fragrances and gorgeous packaging, these candles can be found sitting on the chicest of coffee tables, nightstands, and mantles all over the world." --

WHY WE LOVE THEM: Excuse us while we sit around smelling these candles all day. Seriously, they are so dreamy. The packaging is clean and gorgeous, the scents are fresh and not too perfume-y, and they burn for a good 50 to 64 hours. Grab one for yourself, one to give the host of the holiday party you forgot is this Friday, and maybe one for your mom while you're at it, because mom's love candles, and we love moms. 


Sacred Lotus

Hershey, PA

handcrafted porcelain mugs

WHO SHE IS: "Sacred Lotus Pottery is a plethora of functional pottery items for the hip human!" --

WHY WE LOVE HER: She's a friend, a mama, and a yogi-extraordinaire, but that's not all Jess Trudeau has up her sleeves: she's also a super talented potter! Her hand-thrown porcelain mugs feature hand-painted imagery, meaning no two are exactly alike. And they're big, hearty mugs -- perfect to cozy on up to on a cold winter morning with your favorite tea or coffee.