Spring Songbirds

Hurray for blooms and beauty in Central PA! It's been a long winter and we have been so ready to be outside, without the need for jeans, and boots, and hats, and big coats. It's time to air it out ya'll! While it might not be swim season yet, we are ready to chill next to any body of water, (refreshes those negative ions ya know?) and take in some much needed vitamin D! We've added some of our favorite bold pieces, here on the blog, that transition from spring to summer. Comfort and ease are key, so why not make a statement with lush textures, vibrant colors, and wild patterns?!

Pink and Black 80s V One Piece, Small/Medium, $28, Black Velvet Trousers, Medium, $36

Black and Floral Halter One Piece, Medium, $30

Silky Chrysanthemum Safari Print Yellow Gold MuMu, One Size, $38

Silky Cheetah Cami, Medium/Large, $26, Forest Green Velvet Leggings, Small, $30

Sheer Cheetah Print Long Sleeve Open Blouse, Large, $34

Thank you again for your support friends! We feel so honored that our local customers and new friends alike are engaging with us online. We have found a new joy in curating and photographing our vintage finds and we hope that you feel inspired by what you see!

We love hearing from you, so send us an email or a direct message via Instagram. If you would like to purchase these pieces or want more info, let us know! Follow and like us on Etsy, and keep an eye out for featured pieces on Instagram @stashhbg. Go out and take in these lovey spring days. Have some coffee, sniff the blossoms, forage wild food, and listen to those birdies sing.

XOXOXOX- Stash Gals