Most of our merchandise comes from my own vintage shopping excursions, but I will occasionally buy from individuals and collectors if you've got exceptional gems and/or a large, well-kept lot you need to move. If you're interested in setting up an appointment to sell, check out the guidelines below and send me a message HERE.

+ ) You must make an appointment ahead of time. We do not accept walk-ins for buying items. Most appointments will be made at my studio in Olde Uptown Harrisburg, but we can come to you if you have a large collection or estate. 

+ ) We take stand-out vintage clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories, and occasionally housewares and small furniture pieces. To be considered vintage, items must be 20 years or older.  

+ ) Items must be in great condition and ready to go into our customers hands after we do a quick wash -- That means they have to be free of odors, stains, major sun damage, disintegration, and holes, etc. Many old hangers have foam wrapped edges, and over time foam disintegrates and can damage or stain items. Please check everything carefully before contacting me, especially furs and leather which both will not do well with time if they haven’t been properly kept! Items with damage, obvious sun damage, large stains or signs of moth infestation, or strong odors that I won’t be able to remove in a regular hand-wash, will be turned away.

+ ) We're drawn to natural fabrics like cotton, silk and linen, as well as anything lace, crochet, fur, suede or leather. We only accept synthetic-fabric items if they're super amazing - both in style and graphic print. We do love some good graphic prints!

+ ) We'll determine Stash prices for your items and then offer between 10-20% for your pieces. If you prefer credit, we can offer up to 30%. Prices will vary depending on the style, condition, and rarity of your pieces. Here’s a very general pricing guide to go by. Please keep in mind there may be exceptions:

  • Denim Jackets and Jeans $5-$10e

  • Sweaters $3-$6e

  • Dresses $4-$9e

  • Skirts, Tops, Shorts or Light Pants $3-$7e

  • Jewelry $3-$10e

  • Winter Coats $8-$18e

+ ) Because of our limited storage space, we cannot hold onto your dropped-off items for long. We'll make you an offer ASAP, and we ask that you pick your things up in a timely manner. 

+ ) Please scroll through the images below as prime examples of the kinds of pieces we might be interested in purchasing!