Stash Tunes: Chill Vibes

Tucked in a humble old milk crate in our North Street store, you'll find a small yet mighty selection of both new and used records. Our musical tastes are quite varied, ranging from the sweet twinklings of Sonny & Cher to the raging wildness of Nu Sensae, a pummeling Canadian punk outfit. We handpick this collection in the hopes of offering our music-loving customers go-to classics as well as new artists that will soon find their way into heavy rotation. 


With that in mind, we offer you a playlist of jams that will have you chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool in no time. These laid-back, sexy tunes provide perfect background music for a productive work session, a casual hang-out with friends or even for your luxurious, calming weekly bubble bath (#selfcaresunday, right?). 

And even better -- each of these songs was pulled from albums we have available at Stash!


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