Feelin' The Love

We get it. Valentine's Day is super cheesy and commercialized and lame, and you're all too cool for it. Even Leslie Knope's Galentine's Day is going mainstream!

But let's be honest: we can all actually use a reminder to slow down and appreciate those around us.

And we can do so without being total sell-outs. 

We're wishing you more than just a day full of chocolates and flowers and teddy bears holding hearts embroidered with "BE MINE" (but knock yourself out if that's what you're into). Use this Valentine's Day as a chance to remember the things that fill your soul and make you happy. 

Because we're no good to anyone else until we're good to ourselves. 

Carve out some time for those you love -- whether it's your partner, your friends, your family, or your pets -- but don't forget to do the very same for yourself. We're busy dishing out care and compassion each and every day, but it's also so dang vital to conserve some of that for the (wo)man in the mirror. 

Whether you're looking to pamper yourself or your loved ones (or hopefully both), we've got a handful of ideas that are sure to please -- as well as a Valentine's Day-inspired playlist to get you groovin'! 

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Stash Tunes: Bang Sesh

Looking to jumpstart your morning, maybe with an in-shower air guitar solo? Or maybe you're getting down to business and need some tunes that'll keep you motivated. Either, way this playlist is sure to get heads nodding and toes tapping. We've included old go-tos from bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Deep Purple as well as songs from newly found favorites like Dignan Porch and Dirty Beaches. 

And guess what? All of the albums featured in this mix are available now at Stash!

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Stash Tunes: Chill Vibes

Tucked in a humble old milk crate in our North Street store, you'll find a small yet mighty selection of both new and used records. Our musical tastes are quite varied, ranging from the sweet twinklings of Sonny & Cher to the raging wildness of Nu Sensae, a pummeling Canadian punk outfit. We handpick this collection in the hopes of offering our music-loving customers go-to classics as well as new artists that will soon find their way into heavy rotation. 


With that in mind, we offer you a playlist of jams that will have you chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool in no time. These laid-back, sexy tunes provide perfect background music for a productive work session, a casual hang-out with friends or even for your luxurious, calming weekly bubble bath (#selfcaresunday, right?). 

And even better -- each of these songs was pulled from albums we have available at Stash!


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