Vintage in the Garden

We love plants, and so do our lovely models, Hana and Wren. Curated gardens, and sacred wooded spaces are inspirations for some of the vintage patterns and textures we are drawn to. Whether it's a natural linen, a deep rose red, or a flora and fauna pattern, we are plucking it off the rack in hopes of saving it from a landfill and giving it the home it deserves. These special vintage pieces will make you want to run off into a secret garden and stay there as long as you can.

We took a spring trip to Longwood Gardens in Philly and spent most of the misty morning in the botanical atrium and greenhouses. If you've never visited, it's a must see! Here are a few of our favorite snaps of Hana and Wren in a small collection of our newer vintage pieces, currently available and coming soon to Etsy. Feel free to email us for more info or to purchase.

1950s Rainbow Pastel Plaid Dress with Mother of Pearl Bottons, Small, $49 • 1970s Handmade Linen Shift Dress with Floral Print, Medium, $45

1970s Red Off Shoulder Maxi with Printed Skirt, Medium, $48, SOLD • 1980s Red Overdyed Silk Shirt Dress, Small-Medium, $60

1970s Cerulean Blue Medallion Shift Dress, Small, $50 • 1970s Pastel Tie Top, Medium, $30 • 1990s Calvin Klein Chambray Wrap Skirt, Small-Medium, $33