Stash Tunes: Chill Vibes

Tucked in a humble old milk crate in our North Street store, you'll find a small yet mighty selection of both new and used records. Our musical tastes are quite varied, ranging from the sweet twinklings of Sonny & Cher to the raging wildness of Nu Sensae, a pummeling Canadian punk outfit. We handpick this collection in the hopes of offering our music-loving customers go-to classics as well as new artists that will soon find their way into heavy rotation. 

With that in mind, we offer you a playlist of jams that will have you chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool in no time. These laid-back, sexy tunes provide perfect background music for a productive work session, a casual hang-out with friends or even for your luxurious, calming weekly bubble bath (#selfcaresunday, right?). 

And even better -- each of these songs was pulled from albums we have available at Stash!

Bonus perk: many of our new albums on vinyl come with digital download codes so you can still put music onto your fancy space phones to take on the go.

  1. Yards by Dignan Porch (Deluded, 2011)
  2. Daydream by Beach Fossils (Beach Fossils, 2010)
  3. Ghost Dream by Blouse (Blouse, 2011)
  4. Unfucktheworld by Angel Olsen (Burn Your Fire For No Witness, 2014)
  5. Outside by TOPS (Picture You Staring, 2014)
  6. So Good At Being in Trouble by Unknown Mortal Orchestra (II, 2013)
  7. Flowers by Foxygen (...And Star Power, 2014)
  8. For Today I Am A Boy by Anton & The Johnsons (I Am A Bird Now, 2005)
  9. A Dancing Shell by Wild Nothing (Empty Estate, 2013)
  10. Wave 1 by Com Truise (Wave 1, 2014)
  11. Monday by Sonny & Cher (Sonny & Cher's Greatest Hits, 1967)
  12. Superstar by Carpenters (The Singles 1969-1973, 1973)
  13. Idle Heart by Bear In Heaven (I Love You, It's Cool, 2012)
  14. Before Tigers -- Gold Panda Remix by Health (Disco2, 2010)


Why Vinyl?

Thanks to the Internet, it's become crazy easy to find music. And that can be great! It's an excellent resource for finding new bands, new albums, or, heck, maybe even new entire genres. So why buy vinyl when you've got literally an entire world of music available with the click of a few buttons? Here are some of our favorite perks of record collecting:

  • Physicality: Digital files sure are handy, but how nice is it to actually hold your music in a large format? You can take a good look at the album artwork and design knowing it's part of the overall experience that the artist wished to portray. 
  • Sound: Analog music has such a warm, crisp sound, and sometimes you even get those reassuring gentle crackles between songs to make you feel extra nostalgic.
  • Investment: If kept in good condition, your records can actually increase in worth. We collect records to play and love, but if you ever choose to clean out your collection a bit, you can actually make some money back. There's zero return on owning a digital file. You're just never going to get a thousands of dollars for your Beatles mp3s, now are you?
  • Experience: When listening to records, you're more likely to listen to an album start to finish, which is the way artists intend for you to hear their work. It creates an overall listening experience and appreciation for your favorite musicians' visions. 
  • Social: Record shops create community, and physically visiting one makes your music-buying experience super personal and active. Plus, listening to records makes you slow the hell down since it requires more than just the click of a button. It's a very conscious and intentional form of music-listening, and if you're doing it with friends, it creates discussion and interaction.
  • Support: The new albums we stock are all from independent, small record companies, companies that are offering their artists as much creative control as possible. We like being able to show our support to the up-and-coming, hard-working artists whose work we love. 


Enjoy, and keep your eyes peeled for more Stash Tunes!